Organization Profile

​​Because We Care

BWC is a not-for-profit organization located on the island of Roatán, Honduras.  BWC was founded in 1998 by Nidia P. Webster, a native Roatanian.  Nidia started BWC to give a helping hand to the many island residents in need.

We have served thousands of island residents over the years.  But while our efforts are big, our resources are small.  We greatly depend on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters to make our projects successful,

Our partners include: island residents, local businesses, tourists, international health organizations, students, church groups,  and even our own family members!  We would love to have you join us! ​

Mission:  to help the people of Roatán live healthier, happier, more productive lives. 


Recent Projects

​​Locally crafted desks

Many of the island's children lack basic educational 

infrastructure and supplies. This includes desks.  Desperate, some schools were using cardboard boxes as work spaces for children.  For $50, we can commission a local craftsman to build a sturdy wooden desk that will ensure Roatán's children have the basic necessities needed for a quality education for generations. Desk building is also a sustainable form of livelihood development for local craftsmen.  

Shoe distribution 

Children cannot go to school without shoes, but many parents In Honduras struggle to find the funds to procure quality footwear.  To address this, we act as a distributer of donated shoes.  From storage to transport to shoe fittings, we take care of it all! Our shoe distribution efforts help eliminate one common barrier to education in Honduras.  Over the past few years, we have fitted thousands of children on the island.  However, while we are responsible for the distribution costs, we are not guaranteed any funds to help cover these costs. Please help us continue this vital effort!

Other ongoing and past projects and partnerships:

Solar powered sewing machine micro-business pilot

School supply drive

Christmas food drive

Purchasing school uniforms for children

Oral health outreach

Senior's Luncheon

Rain poncho distribution to school kids

    What We’re Doing Now

BWC is currently collecting school supples to donate to the children of Roatán.  Most schools in Honduras are significantly underfunded, yet many children's parents cannot afford the added expense of purchasing school supplies.  To address this need, BWC collects supplies, organizes and packages them, then distributes them across the island so the children of Roatán can better succeed in getting an education.  

If you are traveling to Roatán or live on the island, we would greatly appreciate any donations you can provide.  Cash donations are also welcome, as we can use the funds to support the island's local economy and buy the exact items children need.

Items we are collecting:

Knee High Socks (Navy Blue and White), Note Books, Coloring Books, Dry Erase Markers, Highlighters, Erasers, Glue, Wooden Pencils, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Rulers, Compasses, Sharpeners, Pencil Holders, Paper Clips, Sticky Notes, Glitter, Scissors, Glue Sticks, Crayons, Calculators, Markers, Flash Cards, Stickers.

a young boy carries his new BWC desk to his classroom

Our fearless leader, Nidia, in action!


Collecting School Supplies

Out with the old, in with the new!  A young girl receives a much needed new pair of school shoes.